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Our team brings together 20 years of blockchain experience, a rich diversity in traditional finance, payment processing, marketing, film, and fashion, and an unrivaled enthusiasm for DeFi. As hands-on users and contributors, we've witnessed DeFi's evolution from the very beginning and have used and participated in many chains and protocols. Our shared commitment to innovation drives us to continually explore and redefine the boundaries of the digital frontier.


Physical NFT Launches 

Empower your brand with innovative physical NFTs, revolutionizing product launches by ensuring provable authenticity, unique scarcity, and direct engagement with your loyal customers in the digital economy. scarcity, and direct engagement with your loyal customers in the digital economy.

Business Development

Leverage our specialized business development services in the crypto realm, designed to help projects strategically navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape, seize new opportunities, and drive sustainable growth in the blockchain economy.


Secure your venture's financial future with our comprehensive fundraising service, offering expert guidance and robust assistance in acquiring funding and effectively pitching to discerning investors in today's competitive landscape.

Tokenomics & Economic Design

Elevate your project with our tailored tokenomics and economic design services, assisting you in crafting effective token models that align perfectly with your project's utility and foster a balanced ecosystem of stakeholder incentives.


Experience amplified brand reach through bespoke crypto marketing, with customized campaigns designed for rapid adoption, impactful market penetration, and sustained growth in the evolving digital currency landscape.

Strategic Alliances

Fortify your crypto venture with strategic alliances, fostering meaningful collaborations with key industry partners and influential individuals to elevate your brand's standing and drive success within the ever changing blockchain ecosystem.

Event Collaborations

Enhance your brand's presence with our real-life event collaboration services, creating synergistic partnerships with other crypto projects to boost awareness, drive engagement, and foster a stronger sense of community within the blockchain space.

Product Positioning

Optimize your success with our product positioning services, strategizing tailored approaches for maximum visibility, effectively communicating your unique value proposition, and ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive crypto marketplace.

Infrastructure Consulting

Benefit from expert guidance in optimizing your crypto project's infrastructure, ensuring scalability, heightened security, and high-performance capabilities to drive sustainable growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

Current and
Upcoming Projects

Physical NFT Collection

Shadow Brother Sunday

Recently collaborated with renowned actor Alden Ehrenreich, utilizing disruptive technology to pioneer an exciting new approach to fan engagement and collectibles. As Ehrenreich sought innovative methods to promote his latest film and engage with his fanbase, we at suggested and curated the creation of a unique physical Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection tied directly to the blockchain, with all proceeds going to charity. This groundbreaking concept allows fans to possess tangible pieces of cinematic history, intrinsically linked to the blockchain's transparent, decentralized nature, providing an added layer of authenticity and security.

Physical NFT Collection

Yamaguchi Genbai

In a bold blend of tradition and innovation, will present an exclusive line of kimonos with esteemed kimono designer Yamaguchi Genbai, each twinned with a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This groundbreaking venture integrates Genbei's ancient artistry, rooted in 1730s Muromachi, Kyoto, with the modern, digital realm of blockchain. Each NFT not only authenticates the paired physical kimono but also offers owners access to an exclusive community with various benefits and features. Curated by, this collection broadens the accessibility of these cherished pieces of art, whilst proceeds from NFT sales support the preservation and growth of this 1,500-year-old art form. Embrace the harmonious union of old and new, and join us in safeguarding and appreciating Japan's rich cultural legacy.


Alden Ehrenreich Shot His Short ‘Shadow Brother Sunday’ on Film So He Wouldn’t Disappoint Christopher Nolan: ‘I Would Be Banned’

Alden Ehrenreich has inhabited the role of Han Solo and, earlier this year, survived an encounter with the “Cocaine Bear.”

COZ and Degenz․wtf Join Forces to Launch a Physical NFT Collection for 'Shadow Brother Sunday' at Tribeca Festival

COZ, a pioneering community in the blockchain industry, is excited to announce its collaboration with, a leading advisory firm, to support Alden Ehrenreich’s directorial debut...

Integrating Blockchain and Film Industry: COZ and Collaborate to Create Physical NFT Collection for ‘Shadow Brother Sunday’

COZ, a pioneering community in the blockchain industry, is breaking new ground by collaborating with to support Alden Ehrenreich’s directorial debut with Shadow Brother Sunday, featuring the legendary Francis Ford Coppola as the executive producer.

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